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Meanwhile, the marketing ecosystem in line “ the practical aspects of interactive marketing “ consists of a variety of dynamic components that have different rolls in the organizations, following a myriad of factors as the industrial sector, the maturity of the product and the competitive panorama.

  • The nucleus: the organizational digital infrastructure (website, original content, characteristics and functionality).
  • Promotion: marketing search, e-mail, graphical publicity, social networks, public relations, events.
  • Optimization: measurement, analysis, refinement.

The planning process

DOCKING BRAND FEELING is based on a many-sided approach to manage the commitments of the digital strategy.

Discovery. It establishes a solid understanding of the underlying corporative strategies of the organization and its personality, that they include: unique proposal of value, shades of the industry, objective public, sources of competitive advantage, indicators key of yield, offensive and defensive tactics.

Competitive analysis. To evaluate the digital operations of the organization in relation to the competitive panorama. It specifies the strategies of the competition and the levels of cost. To identify excellent secondary investigation and to realise primary investigation. It determines the best practices of the industry and the best applicable tactics in his class that are used in other sectors.

Audit and revision. It weighs the organization to identify and to capture digital strategies and tactics at work. To in line take to end revisions of experts of properties. It documents to the costs and the metric ones of yield (ROI) in all the operation. It incorporates UX techniques according to is necessary. It establishes a line bases quantifiable from which the operation can evolve.

Recommendations. It offers specific concepts of improvement that can be used to endorse the corporative objectives and that can be moderate. These can include: innovating techniques for the unfolding, refinements in the existing tactics, initiatives that must retire, opportunities of integration, organizational reassignment of budget and adjustments. To establish measurement marks and I put and digital objectives.

Each phase of this methodology, although interdependent with the others, can be carried out in parallel to make agile the process and be completed quickly. The basic principles of this approach are a perspective of 360 degrees of the problems, the combination of quantitative and qualitative contributions, and specific recommendations that can be moderate and be optimized throughout the time.

The search of the digital success the activities of strategic planning are, by all means, a practice common in all the organizations, at corporative level, of unit of functional business and. These initiatives produce trip tickets that govern the investments, the priorities and the organizational behavior. Considering the interactive budgets in constant increase, the moment has arrived from which the digital strategy is also a standard practice.

Although the digital ecosystems can be extensive and apparently unmanageable, the planning process thus does not have to be. And the associate benefits can change the game. Among them: the optimized yield of the interactive investments, the alignment between marketing and the sales, a digital vision clearly articulated, ranks of rejuvenated employees, a monetary convincing case of budget and, in last instance, significant a competitive advantage.

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