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Development of Strategy name brand and Brand book. Integral communication and content in social networks, blog, SEO/SEM. Increase you engagement in social networks obtaining 6,7% and increasing the traffic to the site from the social networks in 39%

Book name brand, corporative identity:

it constructs one marks consistent around the logo of your company

We say that you do determined to begin your own business or has thought about updating or re-inventing your brand. One of the first things that you would do would be to design a logo for your business. Your logo would have to say everything on your brand: its combination of colors, styles of source, sensation, etc. But sometimes, everything seems to be out of place, and it is not possible to be found out what is bad.

This type of situation is the reason for which you need a consistent and solid identity name brand. Especially in the current trend of the market of nowadays, when small details do to you or they break to you. Not only it causes that your brand shines firm, but also will increase your credibility.

So here it is the great question: How? “ Well, the book enters name brand.

What is the corporative identity?

The corporative identity is a set of rules and you rule for the use of its brand. A standard that you must own. A style guide, in the context of a designer. Basically, he explains how to make an suitable use of the elements of the design to make sure that they are consistent with his brand.

Why to create a guide name brand for its business?

To have a book of corporative identity causes that it is easier to make a project. Example: if it decided to make a packing for a product name brand, to present the book name brand to the designer would facilitate the things when selecting the source styles, the colors and all the others and the result would be coherent with their brand.

It makes you shine professional. To be consequent with its tools and products of marketing makes shine professional. As everything is planned to be as they are.

You will have the control of his brand. To have a standardized brand grants the control to him of the loose ends. If something does not work, an appearance, talks about to its old and reliable book name brand.

It never is a little while cheap. When you have a solid brand in all the corners, your brand will avoid to shine cheap.

Improvements your brand with the style of your regulated brand, makes you advance in a finer and solid brand. It is placed in a perspective in which it sees the potential without exploding of your brand and it is developed changes to improve it.

What to include in the corporative identity?

There are several components to include in a book name brand. These are the basic concepts and must be including.


As far as possible, this must be brief. Briefly as it is possible, assure to you that the concept for the design of your brand is clearly. A designer would have to read this very important part of the book name brand; he must say what the brand tries to be, his appearance.


A logo is component the key one of the brand in your strategy; therefore, one is due to take in serious. The brand probably will turn around the logo concept, BUT the logo is not only your brand. Assure to you that there are many variations of logo for certain styles and bottoms, and clarify the minimum sizes.


You remember when I shelp, can a detail make or break your brand? Here there is an error common in the world of the brand: the logos are used and they are printed in almost any thing. Your brand must seem professional, and you must know that you do not have to waste the time with her. If it beams, basically you are playing with your reputation. It must have well-taken care of to assure to you that the designers or any person who makes use of the logo of your brand understands what they can and they cannot do with him.


The source is crucial. Also it affects the sensation of your brand. You must define what fonts to use. Still more, its size, colors, title and font of the body. You do not forget to include sources Web and nonWeb.


Since your brand turns around your logo, and your logo turns in particular around a set of colors, it is essential to make sure that the use of the colors is specified. Specific the primary and secondary colors: when and where to use them. It includes trowels of colors, as well as formats for impression and Web.


It thinks about this as another component key of the personality of your brand. It is the form in which you would like that they listen to you or they read to you: your character. To define the form in which it tries or it sounds, especially in the social networks, is a great way to be coherent. When there are several people who write or make copies of different ways, your brand seems to have several personalities. It is why he is key to have these suitably.


Specific what so large, spaced and where to use the icons, it is important to promote the consistency.


Still there are several components that you can integrate in your book name brand. It depends on you and the industry in which is your business. Some components that could consider to include:

  • Style of photography
  • Graphical elements of support
  • Designs and applications of pages of profiles of social networks
  • Options of design of pamphlets and pamphlets of websites
  • Specifications of signaling
  • Advertising treatments
  • Applications of merchandising

Who makes a corporative identity for your brand?

Generally, the books name brand are developed by an experienced graphical designer. Sometimes, the agency where your logo is done could do this by you. Even if or you have a logo, you always can contract somebody so that it makes your book name brand or corporative identity. But, by all means, it is better than the one than also made your logo makes the book of brands to make sure that it flows well with your logo. He is better to have a book name brand in format pdf, in addition to obtaining printed it, always will make the most advisable things, especially during a project in which always it can send it by email electronic.

The line inferior

Your logo is an important component of your brand. Several aspects of your business turn around him, especially in the world of the modern brand. But your logo is not only your brand. It is only a part of your strategy to identify to you. How one treats and it uses your logo is where your brand is developed. When having a book name brand, can make sure that everything works of coherent way to have a consistent and solid brand.

Help us to that your logo name brand is funny. We in line combine the benefits of the logos plus the touch of the studies of local graphical design and Web. Consult us in the contact area of the website:


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