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Cases of success NEW LIFE

On sale directed creative natural product campaign with all the restrictions that there are in this market. Development of e-commerce and soon we sent to a campaign SEO/SEM and content in networks

social generating a traffic to the site of +27% with respect to the first year and lying down a good permanence in site of the users.

The advantages of the development of e-commerce are that it is a fundamental piece for the companies that are prepared to offer the sale of products or services by means of the Internet, is possible to clarify, that all the companies of product sales or services are not apt for the development of electronic commerce or e-commerce, are always going to exist rules and parameters that will help us to make the decision to realise this development Web:

  1. Products are had or services that are an important piece for the market of our website generally, are chess pieces that determine the stay within ours e-commerce to draw attention and to obtain visits to different sections of our development from e-commerce.
  2. The sale of our products is simple and simple with the minimum steps to follow to obtain these sales.
  3. A present development of e-commerce is simple, minimalist, very simple to sail and with the information to I publish simple and needs so that they obtain the product or service that they are looking for.
  4. The present development of e-commerce must be modern in its internal structure, since in Mexico with around 95 million of smartphones in the market, this development Web will have to load easily in the majority of the portable devices, reason why we do not have to lose opportunities to realise a sensible website responsive or to all the devices.
  5. If you want to sell of fast way and needs, you do not use banners to the load of your website, this no longer is a nice data for Google, apart from which you rob the attention than the client it has in mind, to enter your site to buy what it wishes, if you want to use codes of discounts, writes down them within the descriptions of your products or in the part superior of your website e-commerce, this is more professional and more modern, it does not rob attention of the information or objective product.
  6. Each development Web would have to obtain page of facebook to accelerate the exhibition of products to the million users who are connected in the social networks, you never stop contracting this service with experts as agency of social networks.

Now we reviewed 6 important points, without a doubt we can continue enumerating more details, but we know that with these 6 essential points, your development of e-commerce will be a success in the sale of your products or services.

Digital agency Docking Brand Feeling is an agency that the expert touch adds and digital that you are looking for the correct development of e-commerce, we counted on prices very accessible initials or if you are already a corporative company, it asks for the cost in accordance with your needs, now calls us of 9 to 19 hours!

(+52) 55 5088 5414

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