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Tendencies of the development of Electronic Commerce

4 development platforms of electronic commerce that are in tendency in the market

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In the present era of the technology, even if it does not have pure a technical knowledge and an commendable understanding when writing codes, the creation and administration of stores in line is not so difficult using impeccable and rich development platforms of electronic commerce in characteristics that are available in the market.

Although the experience of the remarkable user, the optimization of the web search engine, the design is crucial, such development platforms of electronic commerce concentrate mainly to take advantage of to the maximum the tendencies the movable and social commerce. Here there is a list of 4 development platforms of electronic commerce that are gaining immense popularity in the present enterprise market.

# 1 Magento

Nowadays, Magento is not really a name unknown in the enterprise sector of eCommerce. From the moment of his invention, due to his characteristics of first level, Magento he has become immensely popular between the developers Web. If we phelp attention to the details, this widely known platform of eCommerce successfully has almost one quarter of the total market share at this moment. By their scalability along with the reliability that can be mentioned, the majority of the professional developers of Magento is supporting this shining development platform Web. Famous brands anywhere in the world as Liverpool F.C., Burger King, Pepe Jeans adopted this platform as the underlying technology of their respective official websites. These are some of their attractive benefits that can be useful if Magento as its development platform chooses Web.

“ It is a platform of open code. Therefore, this platform is open to any type of personalisation.

“ Not only it is completely easy to use, also is easy to administer.

“ An excellent experience of user offers.

“ It provides almost more than 9000 extensions or accessories with which its business can climb easily.

“ A library of long-range resources offers that takes care of the general administration of the store, prepares demonstrations and maintains the growth of the business.

“ So that the sale of the product is more efficient, Magento offers some gratuitous extensions, that allow the social commerce efficiently.

# 2 Shopify

In agreement with the recent tendency of the market, Shopify is possibly the best development platform of electronic commerce. More in the movable purchases along with the social commerce concentrates. Today, this development platform of electronic commerce is successfully lodging almost 325.000 stores in line that not only are in active state but they also are making businesses of fruitful way. These are some of mentioned the notables characteristic of Shopify next.

“ More than 100 subjects of store (groups) they are available.

“ The special characteristic must to connect the electronic store with the page of Facebook that you have. Therefore, it can sell his products directly on Facebook.

“ To in line increase the functionalities of the store, it has more than 1500 extensions or accessories available.

“ The attendance 24—7 is available through tutorial, live chat, communitarian forum of Shopify and also through a telephone.

“ Cart of purchases offers integrated that is totally friendly for movable devices.

# 3 YoKart

If it is thinking about home a business of electronic commerce of home, this YoKart platform is definitively a good option for you. This development platform of electronic commerce perfectly offers stores in line of several suppliers as Etsy and eBay. It reviews the lucrative characteristics of YoKart that are mentioned next.

“ Not only the frame but also the source code. More important still, when it goes with YoKart, it can efficiently personalize the portal in agreement with the requirements.

“ It offers detailed manuals for the retailers and proprietors of stores, provides frequent, tutorial questions in video and gratuitous attendance for the administration of the store during a year.

“ The YoKart platform is extremely friendly for movable devices. It offers dedicated applications of Android for the markets.

# 4 BigCommerce

Independent of the size of the stores in line, BigCommerce is lodging successful more than 55.000 e-Stores in the market of nowadays. If you do not have technical knowledge or she does not know the codes well writing, but she wishes to in line construct and to administer a store, BigCommerce is, without a doubt, the best option available for you. These are some of their remarkable characteristics that they are mentioned next.

  • It does not have to pay any tariff of transaction.
  • It much more offers ample integrated functions that include taxes, shipment, analysis, coupons, bulletins and.
  • All the groups gratuitous payments and respond. BigCommerce offers an incredible and perfect movable experience.
  • The service of attendance that offers BigCommerce is shining. The educative videos, the assistant of configuration, the guides who have remarkable visual representations, etc. form a system of exceptional support in this development platform of electronic commerce.
  • Using this, the integration of the store in line with eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping, etc. she becomes easier and fluid.

Therefore, these were some of the best development platforms of electronic commerce that govern successfully in the commercial market of 2017.

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