Social Average



At present no longer the discussion is important about the advantages and benefits that the use of the Social Networks as part of its strategy of marketing represents for a company. He is must!

Nevertheless, we will mention some interesting data for Manejo de Social Redes. For example, 8 of each 10 companies have their profile in some of the most known. 87% have unloaded some app having given click from some of the Social Networks. As far as the use of Internet, the Social Networks it is to which more time is dedicated. Mexico is the country with greater penetration of Social Networks represented by the 98,2% of the users.

And as all we know, the most used it is Facebook. Whereas Youtube is used in the masculine public.

However, not only one is to be passively in the Social Networks. But, to understand than the public is speaking and how we can comprise of this conversation, clearly, using it to our favor. Nowadays, it is very common that some companies decide to take of way in-house the operation of Social Networks, but also is certain that we have received many diverse calls of corporative that they prefer to leave Manejo de Social Redes into the hands of experts and connoisseurs. For example, in Docking Brand Feeling, extremely we are focused in offering Content Marketing in real time, something that is lived and it is breathed on a daily basis in this type of platforms, but that all world does not manage to realise.

In that sense, it is important to count on different tools and technological solutions that they can help to understand us, to monitor, to supervise and to alert of those behaviors that for some reason can become viral in Social Networks and not only that, but most important to apply the creativity, spontaneity to take advantage of it in favor of our brands.

And in the same way, the counterpart. That is to say, to be totally coordinated and organized as team, by some possible crisis name brand or negative commentaries that could arise in particular by some event. This way, we can armor the process with strategic operations and previously designed that they define the steps to follow in Manejo de Social Redes, as for example: protocol of questions and answers, technical knowledge of the characteristics of a product or service and thus with several aspects more than we offered in our services.

We already spoke of several aspects to consider in Manejo Social Networks. It is for that reason that the important part is the analysis that we can realise of objective way, accurate and that will indicate of quantitative and qualitative way the performance to us of the brand or digital campaign in the different Social Networks.

Given our vast experience, we considered that although the brand can in particular have a communication tone, the profile can be varying according to the means in which one is, for the simple reason that the public behaves different beyond the Social Networks in which is.

In Docking Brand Feeling, we took care in offering a complete and professional service covering the aspects that go much more there of the basic thing in Manejo de Social Redes. We are sure that we can surprise to you!