It gets hold of Digital and Of Social Networks



Dise±o Web goes beyond aesthetic and the functional thing. Under this concept in Docking Brand Feeling, we understand that Dise±o Web must fulfill functions that before were considered basic and that nowadays are obsolete.

It is why at the time of implementing Dise±o Web of website, blog or including e-commerce is indispensable to understand the needs of the client, but also to put itself of the side of the consumer, who really will make use of frequent way in as much and as soon as we present a practical, functional navigation mainly and giving him to priority and functionality to each element that compose each of these platforms.

However, each means have a different objective. For that reason, before realising Dise±o Web it is important to establish clear, solid and measurable objectives that they will improve not only the results, but also the experience of the user.

The design generally is one of the so many artistic expressions that they produce an emotion and therefore a reaction. It is why as Agency of Digital Marketing when offering Design Web we took care, in case client requires it, to realise studies related to neuromarketing.

This technique assures to us that the end item is nearest which is looking for the consumer at the time of sailing our site, from functional to Dise±o the Web.

When developing Design Web for each of our clients we go beyond the subjective question of the involved ones in the project and preferred to implement a work methodology that consists of: definition of objectives, strategic and visual planning, development and design of proposals, feedback and phase beta and conclusion and delivery of project.

Given to our experience in Design Web we are sure that are the way more surely so that the end item goes as much according to the needs of our client as of the consumer.

In Design Web we must consider several basic aspects. First it is the navigability of the interface and the optimization of the clicks, that if, without saturating of information and messages that soon do not generate a Call to Action or that becomes a fast abandonment of website, indeed because it was not what it looked for.

In this case the intention of Dise±o Web can be very different and is necessary to consider that the time of navigation of the user is brief and we only have a pair of seconds to catch its attention and later to offer a tangible benefit to him, by which will extend its time in ours website. All this is part to understand and to know how to develop Dise±o appropriate, functional, practical Web and that it has all the facilities to his reach with the purpose of to facilitate the life of the internaut.

Finally and less important it is not fundamental to have an integral vision of the composition in his totality at the time of realising Dise±o Web, this will help to develop brands us focused in the consumer, brands that offer a real solution beyond the relation marketing and mainly in the relation that is generated day with day between the brand and the consumer Consult, we know how to help it to us!