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it gets hold of digital, gets hold of social average, that we offer

All this and more is Today we will speak of the Digital Agencies, What are? What activities realise? And How they can help us in our business.

With the passage of the years the Agencies of Marketing have had to evolve and to adapt to the new forms of consumption and search of information or contents, we are at a time at which we depend completely on the technology, or in the form of: Smartphone, Netbook, Tablet, PC, and with these the possibility of having everything in the palm of your hand.

The Digital Agencies were created with the purpose of to create digital channels with which we can promote and trade our products through average digitalises, the purchases in Internet have become part from our life when giving us multiple benefits, or by comfort or simple security.

The companies also create exclusive supplies in their sales in line what causes that this form of purchase is more attractive for the clients.

For the positioning of the brand or company within social Internet or networks the Digital Agencies are based on the following average ones to create campaigns of digital publicity.

  • Google Adwords Positioning of words or phrases nails specific when they are utiizan in a search and they appear by means of text announcements.
  • Google Display images or videos in websites directed to target imagine by means of objective to which your publicity goes.
  • Publicity on Facebook is realised by means of you rule advertising. Movable announcements that appear when connected being to Facebook by means of the site or applications on which it counts. The profile of the user can be segmented to whom it is desired that the announcement is published.
  • Publicity in Twitter the publicity in Twitter is a platform that will allow you to announce a product or service by means of tweet that will be promoted between the users of Twitter which they fulfill the aspects that are defined for target or I publish objective.
  • Campaigns SEO (SEO is the abbreviations in English of Optimization Search Engine), to talk about to the process to attract traffic the websites of organic, publishing or natural form through the results that throw the web search engines, and whose purpose is the one to improve the position of our webpage within the ranking of the results of the finder.

With this the Digital Agencies have the statistics of the growth and the impact that has been obtained with these tools, the increase in the CPC (COST Rep Click) and with this the gains of the company. If you want to increase your gains and your positioning Web, what delays to contact to us and to make of Docking Brand Feeling your Digital Agency.


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