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Cases of success LESTRADE

Development of website with the aim of generating reserves of cars in Argentina. Integral campaign of SEO/SEM. We manage to reduce the CPC and CPL in a 15% with this comprehensive strategy of positioning of the page.


The design Web focuses now in the experience of the user more than ever. The traffic of the site depends more and more on how the visitors undergo your website. If the connections take too much in loading themselves or are many pages 404, it will prevent them to return.

But this is basic knowledge. You already know it. What perhaps you ask yourself is why the developers Web follow and follow on the friendly design for movable devices. It is an extra work, but it is part of the many services of the design agency Web to which importance is due to give. Why?

You are living in a movable world

When you rise, when you travel to the work, when you are doing your work in the bathroom, you maintain to your telephone and sights something. The increase in the number of connection points wi-fi (the taxis even have Wi-Fi now) demonstrates that the people sail by Internet with their telephones with more frequency than ever.

When they encounter your site and they look at the design Web, they hope that one adjusts to its small movable screens. If your design Web is only adapted for the view, it will be difficult to them to sail.

If you sell products in line, you must be conscious of whom are your buyers and what they use to visit your store Web. And although the mobile phones are used generally for the social networks, which you perhaps do not know is that¦

The social networks increase the traffic of the site

The announcements of Facebook have connections to websites. The connections shared in social networks lead from return to the website. Any content that you generate and you publish in your account of social networks will take you to your website. Any company that has a page of social networks puts its website in the page About. Of this form, it is easier to locate his site and to obtain more data on his products or services.

If you have a store Web, this is crucial.

She imagines what people will be disappointed if they arrive at his site and they discover that they must move manually horizontally to see the continuation of the description of a product. He is annoying and they leave immediately.

If it does not occur an incentive them to share your connections or to put them in your blog, she could affect your classifications search. Not only that¦

The adaptable design to movable devices improves the SEO

Google prefers websites optimized for movable devices, but why?

Because it offers to the users one better experience. It remembers, SEO is not only tried to place key words or metadescripciones. One is all your website optimized for one better experience of user. This is the reason for which the receptive sites generally have a higher classification in the web search engines.

You do not remain back. If your site not yet is apt for movable devices, it could be the reason for which its company is stagnating. It contacts with the services of digital agency expert Docking as design agency professional Web now and begins to work in a sensible website (responsive) to the movable devices.


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