DOCKING BRAND FEELING under the trade name of Docking Mercadotecnia y Publicidad S.A. of H.P. residing in Lamartine 159, int 6, Polanco Cabbage, Of. Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX, CP 11560 are responsible to successfully obtain its personal data, of the use that occurs him to the same and of their protection in fulfillment with the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of the Individuals, with the purpose of assuring the protection and privacy the personal data, as well as to regulate the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the handling of the same (legal Foundation: Art. 16 Constitutional Art.s 1 and 2 LFPDPPP) establishing the following thing:

Its personal information will be used stops:

  • 1. To provide the services and products that it has asked for
  • 2. To inform to him on changes in the same
  • 3. To update on information or excellent services to him related to the information that it has asked for
  • 4. To take care of its requirements
  • 5. Internal surveys and evaluations
  • 6. To send promotional product information
  • 7. Elaboration of statistics and information required by the authorities in Mexico and abroad and/or
  • 8. To share or to transfer the data with third parties related to the bond between the holder and Docking Brand Feeling, whenever they are necessary for the benefit of the commercial and administrative service.

For the purposes before mentioned, we required to collect the following personal data:

  • 1. Name
  • 2. E-mail
  • 3. Telephone (s)
  • 4. Address


Concerning personal data and from the sensible personal data, Docking Brand Feeling obtains its express consent and in writing for his treatment, through his handwritten signature, it signs electronics, or any mechanism of authentication that to the effect settles down. According to the Law, the consent for the treatment of the personal data will not be necessary when it has the intention to fulfill obligations derived from a legal relation between the holder and the person in charge.

Limitation of Use and Spreading

The treatment of its personal data will be the one that is necessary, suitable and excellent in relation to the purposes anticipated in this Policy of Privacy.

Docking Brand Feeling fulfills the principles of protection of personal data established by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of the Individuals and adopts the necessary measures for its application. The previous thing still applies and when these data will be treated by a third party, to request Docking Brand Feeling, and with the purpose of necessary academic or administrative put on detail, maintaining the confidentiality at any moment. Docking Brand Feeling takes the measures necessary and sufficient to try that this Policy of Privacy is respected, by him or third parties with which it has some relation, to grant the services or products established with the holder.

This website contains connections to other websites, if you accede to a hyperbond of those websites, these can have its own policies of privacy and Docking Brand Feeling does not accept any responsibility by those policies, is recommended that it reviews those policies before sending any personal information to those websites. The inclusion from any bond to other websites, does not imply the approval or adhesion on the part of Docking Brand Feeling to those pages or their content.

You can limit the use or spreading of his personal data, or to stop receiving promotional or informative messages of services by telephone, postal or by email electronic. It is possible to be put in touch with our one in charge of privacy of personal data, Head of Electronic Promotion to the mail: hello@madtwitter.com

You must right to accede to his personal data that we own and to the details of the treatment of the same, as well as to rectify them in case of being inexact or incomplete; to cancel them when it considers that they are not required for some of the purposes indicated in the present warning of privacy, are being used for allowed purposes or has not finalized the contractual relation or on watch, or, to be against to the treatment of the same for specific aims. For anyone of the mentioned effects it is necessary to make request in writing to the Head of Electronic Promotion to the mail: hello@madtwitter.com

Their personal data can be transferred and be dealed with inside and abroad, by people different from this company of the Enterprise network Docking Brand Feeling. In that sense, its information can be shared with other headquarters of Docking Brand Feeling for control purposes, statistics or of academic or administrative nature.

We commit ourselves not to transfer its personal information to third parties without its consent, except for the exceptions anticipated in article 37 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of the Individuals, as well as to realise this transference in the terms that law determines.

If you do not indicate his opposition so that their personal data are transferred, it will be understood that it has granted his consent for it. We reserved the right at any time to carry out modifications or updates to the present warning of privacy, for the attention of legislative new features, political interns or new requirements for the benefit or offer of our services or products. If you consider that its right of protection of personal data has been injured by some conduct of our employees or our activities or answers, is conceited that in the treatment of its personal data it exists some violation to the dispositions anticipated in the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of the Individuals, will be able to interpose the complaint or it denounces corresponding before the IFAI, for greater information visits www.ifai.org.mx