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We live at the time where the Social Average has become one from the best options not only by I pay for, if not by the impact that it has in the consumers.

80% of the world-wide population have in touch been with some social network, or to count on some profile in anyone of these or simply to have knowledge of them.

Social Average as its name says it is a means set that allows us to share any text, image, video, audio, etc. of a simple form and to create relations between the product and the people.

Some advantages to have a good plan of Social Average are the following:

It reinforces the positioning name brand.

Mediatic impact to a relatively low cost.

It extends the possibilities of segmentation of target.

It increases to the communication channels with the clients and the possibility of increasing the bonds.

It facilitates the attention to the client with a saving of costs.

Capacity to monitor the conversations on the organization.

It identifies new opportunities of business.

It alerts fast of possible product problems and/or services.

We can realise a pursuit of our competition.

Improvement our positioning in Internet.

It attracts traffic the webpage.

Last the two mentioned points become from extreme importance since a good plan of Social Average must be bound to a good webpage, must be a complement of her and not to replace it completely.

To optimize navigation in our page and to create easy accesses to the clients helped to increase the traffic us in our page.

The profiles of our company in Social Average only must be an extension of our page and always to use the post, tweets, etc. as means of attraction for our webpage, that is to say, on Facebook we must have an interactive Fan Page, with integration to your webpage and configuration for company/product.

There we will publish all the information referring to our company or product, to create a channel of Social Average with information between the client and the company and the attention are more personal.

With this channel we will completely know the needs our clients and to take into account their commentaries to improve our service, these bonds have changed the form of Marketing at present.

With the digitalization of the society the benefits of the Social Average will be gradually growing and with this the implementation of integrated plans to the Social Average in all the companies. Approach you the experts in Social Average and return Docking Brand Feeling your digital agency.

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