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Foundations of Marketing of Social Networks of the Digital Agency

A strategy of social means marketing successful of a digital agency can initiate sufficiently simple when creating or to take advantage of content quality.

We begin with a good blog, an appointment, a video, a press release, an appointment of a client or a content of excellent knowledge (for the objective market), soon we shared it with the prospectuses and clients.

For example, we created a blog entrance on an insurance agency and we placed it in the social networks as Twitter or Facebook, we added the content intelligently consolidating the accounts of the website of the client of insurances with his social networks, also we can publish an update of LinkedIn, shared it in groups of LinkedIn (we initiated a discussion or we added it as a commentary), etc.

To locate the content is very important and this is part of a segmentation strategy that we used in the professional publicity which we realised with all our clients of hiring of Ads and SEO, since if our client sells in a single area (example: Insurance agency in CDMX) will be still more excellent.

A form easy to share the content is using automatizations in your blog to share in the social networks. Or it takes advantage of the integrated social networks offered by each one of the main suppliers. For example, to use LinkedIn automatically to send tweet to your publication of LinkedIn.

It in the same way publishes a YouTube (video, voice on PPT, seminary recorded Web, etc.) and joint party that indicated themselves previously (with your blogs or another content). You can use solutions simple of automatization of social networks to improve the efficiency.

When it is possible, it expands your blogs to articles published in different points, as they can be the most important and credited directories. Once published, the process repeats to share again in the social networks, using the extended article.

Foundations of social means:

Original content: we cause that the content is unique, excellent for objective marketing. If we provided a connection to content of third parties, we commented it so that it is a unique publication.

We went to your public: we recommend to invest in the networks preferred by the prospectuses, clients and partners.

Identifying your objectives: we determine what you want to obtain and we created an excellent image in line, taking advantage of your brand in all the social networks.

Monitoring and measurement: with Google Analytics (or solutions of analysis to select) we monitored to detect traffic tendencies. If your objective is the generation of leads, we realised a pursuit precise of leads to determine its value.

Knowing the main basic aspects the social networks: we show the basic concepts of LinkedIn (and the groups), Facebook (including the brand of the page of your company), we extended your hearing of Twitter with labels hash, establish a channel of YouTube for your businesses, personal or company, thus we will obtain ingeniously exhibition of your brand.

We take advantage of so much the amount as the quality: we did not look for exaggeration nor a Nobel prize de Literatura or a Prize from the Academy Best History. We are precise and concise. We sacrifice a minimum of quality to obtain a consistent and excellent volume.

To follow your friendly associates/and we were able that they follow to you: participating in a mutual pursuit with the greater amount of partners, suppliers, clients and as much as it is possible.

We create your profiles: in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, we created the profiles, we took advantage of your channel YouTube and if not yet you have it we created it is very indispensable for exhibition name brand. We assure that your pages will finish being attractive when including appropriate images, photos, logos and other graphs that give a special touch him to your corporative, personal webpage or of businesses.

We are kind to the new scenes: Google+ will close next then we will have to focus to us to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other networks that have come turned into the great success, as it also gets hold of digital we aimed at close and pertinent networks for your objective industry.

The social means marketing for any branch of businesses as it could be in insurance agencies, hotel branch, restaurants, etc. will also consist of helping to your businesses with own initiatives of each of them by means of SEO.

As agents and professionals of marketing we know that we can save time to you being useful to the platforms and applications of social means marketing, and we were based on the objectives of marketing of social means to benefit your personal networks or of businesses.

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