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The importance of marketing in line.

importance of marketing online

The components and elements of marketing online “ some passages for the success.

Although to create a successful campaign of marketing never has been easy, the coming of marketing in line has simplified a little the process, whereas at the same time it places it directly into the hands of the retailer in line. We hope that following these advice of marketing in line we can simplify the process still more, allowing to your campaign of marketing to benefit from these passages towards the success.

The components of marketing online

There are three basic components for marketing in line: the website, the blog and the social network. A blog allows to share information, the fundamental intention of Internet, whereas a website allows him to promote the businesses. The use of the social network to spread between a great amount of users in line also has become something fundamental for a successful campaign of marketing online. To understand the effective use of these three components of marketing in line will improve to a great extent the campaigns, while it will enormously improve the possibilities towards the success.

The website

The website, as an extension of blog, is where the products or services will shine. Here it is where people will begin to understand the benefits to make businesses with the people or companies.

Once you have generated a personal connection through blog, as well as the creation of a confidence sense, to share the benefits of products or services becomes a natural extension of the new relation in line that is created with the prospectuses. Here it is where all the traditional tools of publicity and marketing enter game: text, images, audio video and; the video is more and more important.

The website is the ideal place to explain the characteristics and benefits of the product or service; With great emphasis in the benefits. As with the traditional publicity and marketing, it is of extreme importance of explaining how the product or service will improve the lives of the prospectuses. We did not let catch itself why he is the best thing; briefly, we showed what is the best thing for the public.

The video is, by all means, the ideal means to show almost any thing, but its better use is to show the prospectus how the use of the product or service will benefit from. Seeing the product in use; seeing others enjoying the benefits of the service; When seeing that the utility of the product is demonstrated, it only can increase the esteem reason why it could do by us. The website is the perfect platform to obtain this, since virtually all the sites of lodging offer the possibility of inlaying videos in an up-to-date and intelligent site.

The blog

The blog is where really they are possible to be made shine people, things, products, services, the news, etc; between which we shared is the knowledge, uses and experiences. Here it is where people will know us and, although this notion scares to some, is essential for the success of the marketing campaign in line.

It is not necessary to say that the people prefer to buy whom they know and in who they trust, and if they do not trust you, why they would have to buy to you? And, if they do not know you, how they can know you to trust you?

When sharing envelope we or our business, the knowledge, the experience, the objectives and values, create an emotional bond with the possible prospectus or client. When sharing a little your surroundings, through a combination of written, images, even audio content and video, will feel as if they were knowing you. This practically only can take to a greater confidence.

The blog is the best place possible to do this. It is even possible to be initiated to interact with people, encouraging to the commentaries, calls to the action and with the classic one follow to me, which will still more increase the confidence of the user.

The social network

When using the social network, the sites privileged as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the site of professional networks of LinkedIn, will help to spread the message through Internet and of the world. The implied numbers are here, really is where your presence is dictated.

If you think about that the page or profile of Facebook is an extension of your Web or blog, with hundreds of million possible spectators daily, you begin to in line understand the importance of the Social Network as another tool. We see this as one of the best strategies of trade. The potential exhibition can here be impressive and amazing.

Because Facebook is so popular, with 2.200 million active users in average per month, and since to these users it enchants to them to share information, each of them they generate great amounts of pieces of fresh content per month, the potential of which any individual information shares is hallucinating.

In fact, itself a person to share information in the social networks, is created a strategy of segmented campaign, will have the potential to reach thousands from people in only few days. From there, there is no limit, because each new shared resource increases the possible views of the information in several thousands of users per day, and we must intelligently consider who this type of campaigns us can generate certain expenses, but elaborated, will be very economic and profitable expenses.

The exchange of information in Twitter, known as Tweets (or tuits), is the first one half created of popular form. In brief fragments of information of 140 characters they have the potential to reach more than half million users several times to the day. In addition, due to the nature to share information in Twitter, the short and precise style, he is ideal to share in movable devices; demonstrated by the increase of the 182% in Tweets movable in the last years.

To put the information in the hands of the potential clients, when he is not even against a computer and it beams in mobiles, this becomes one of the best wonderful resources to promote the news, products or services.

For the marketing of company to company, the power of LinkedIn is also impressive. Although the absolute numbers could not be so amazing, the hearing is very focused to businessmen, having created an ideal market for the B2B promotion.

The elements of marketing online

As with any campaign of marketing, the content is the king. The use of the text to explain to you, improved by images to generate a more personal connection; as well as audio and the video to promote the businesses is the four crucial elements of a successful campaign of marketing in line.


To see you is as important as to listen to you, that is to say, to read what you must say. When planting an image yours in the mind of your prospectus, you increase to the personal connection and the sense of confidence that you are working so arduously to foment.

Due to the advances in the generation of digital images, it is easier that never to place own photos, of the business and of clients even satisfied in the blogs or websites. To be timid will not take nowhere. As it were explained previously, to promote to you same, as well as to your business, is essential for an in line successful campaign of marketing. The images improve this.


The written content is, it has always been, and it will always be, the base of the world in line, including digital marketing or marketing online. Without an excellent text content, opportune and written well, the communication in line becomes practically impossible.

To improve the content with images, audio and video is very well, but without a convincing text, it is probable that the marketing campaign in line fails. The exchange of information is than Internet treats. Without a content written of quality, in the best one of the cases, you will be marginalized and ignored completely in the worse one of the cases.


As another tool to create a presence in line, the audio one is very economic and offers additional benefits to those who use it correctly.

Especially when the text becomes complicated or confused, as the instructive content on the use of the product, for example, the audio one can contribute clarity to its informative supply. The audio one also is an excellent way to share information of other experts in its field. The interviews in audio can be done of advisable and economic way, and will improve the reputation as which it is arranged to share important information; independent of the source.


The video has become almost as important as the text in the communication in line, especially in marketing in line. The video can be used to personalize the relation with the prospectus; in order to explain the characteristics of the complicated product; in order to show to the benefits of the product or service; How one becomes and tutorial improvements. In fact, the possibilities for the use of the video in marketing in line are almost infinite.

With the coming of the edition technologies of video and the sites of production of video in line easy to use and low cost, as well as the incredible popularity of the video platforms in line, the video is quickly becoming the predetermined method of expression.

The use of YouTube to promote marketing videos has become almost as universal as the use from the Social Network; With equally amazing numbers. Nevertheless, beyond the numbers, the propensity of the spectators of YouTube exists to share the videos that enjoy. This is the reason to publish the videos of marketing in YouTube. Million share creative and entertained videos, and the possibility that the video becomes viral is a reason than sufficient to publish in this means; in addition, she is one of the best forms to make exhibition name brand.

Although marketing in line shares many of the same characteristics of the traditional publicity, it is the capacity to establish relations throughout the time with the prospectuses which does so attractive; not to say anything of the convenience factor that is in line in the purchases, when following these advice of marketing in line and when faithful remaining to the passages towards the success, the people and companies will be able to benefit directly from the inherent advantages to this world of digital marketing that is versatile.

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