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The agencies of Publicity in the last years have been divided in different specialties and one of those is the Social Means Agencies.

We are speaking of a new model of agency whose assignment is to manage the diffusion of the campaign of social means publicity, which are the calls social networks.

The new advertising options that were opened with these means have transformed the form of the traditional publicity, transforming it a more direct publicity and with greater social impact.

The traditional means continue being strongest in many zones of the world and in which greater investment exists.

The television continues being the means leader and where the majors become investments, a campaign of million dollars in television can exist, but much people seem to be fascinated with the publicity that its agency or marks and is doing free in its Social Networks.

With this the companies begin to invest with more force in campaigns of social networks, these campaigns have a double benefit, in addition to the impact that is obtained, is created a Engagement with our clients, that is to say, we created a commitment between the brand and the users.

This is based on creating fidelity and motivation so that our users defend and feel like part of the brand, and this way they refer new users to us.

To have users engaged with your brand is something invaluable, since when happening of the time your posteos of social networks will become the best publicists when sharing.

And we can measure it by means of the following means:

Number on Facebook I like

Number of RSS/suscriptores to the Email

Number of followers in Twitter

Number of members in your group of LinkedIn

Number of times that your content has shared

Mentions Commentaries in the blog

Impressions of images and videos.

With these tools we will see that the function of our Means Agency is fulfilling when creating new options of clients and increasing our labor network.

If these in search of a Social and Digital Means Agency contact to us and return to Docking Brand Feeling your agency of house.

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