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The design of a website is very important to reach the marketing objectives in line.

A website that does not have presence in the Web does not have value, therefore, it is important to design a compatible website with SEO so that Google can easily track it and thus to raise of level in the ranking.

When we dealed with the one design Web, there are several things about which we worried, since this has the power to make or to undo the image of the brand. By this, now, we discussed to common aspects of design Web that work to improve the SEO.

Implementation of the headed label of: It is common that the people ignore the lack and the correct implementation of the headed label of. This implementation cannot be ignored, since of not knowing how to use it correctly it could ruin the efforts that we do with the SEO.

Images: in order to improve the results search in the efforts of the SEO, it is the use of slight images; if the images are heavy will increase the time of load of the page, and this way it affects the experience to the user of negative way, this reduces the results of website ranking. Therefore, always it is good for optimizing the size of the images before raising them the website.

Website responsive: a website that responds to different devices is the best thing than we can make to elevate the ranking, and improving that in our design Web, it will be the best decision than we can take in our experience of website design. Not to do will affect negatively it to the results in the positions crucially. Therefore, we must always go to the website responsive (compatible with movable devices), this help to attract much traffic the websites.

Substantial content: in order to attract visitors the website, the best form to do it is by means of the content, and the content is the only way that helps to obtain firm and safe visitors in the success website. In order to improve this we assured not losing the part of content when creating a wonderful design Web, by means of a good SEO is the best form to maintain the balance.

Infinite Scroll: this is very popular at the moment, we can know the operation in the pages Facebook, which load content while we are moved downwards, this is very important in compatible websites to this subject, we must assure that our website is compatible before making this task, this is important to lower the times of load in the website, will thus increase considerably the visits.

All movement that we make in our design Web and helping us by means of the good practices of SEO, will affect the ranking and the reputation of the brand in the highly competitive market. It is by that always we must count on the services of the experts in SEO to help to take advantage of the experience for your businesses online.

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