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design Web for SMEs

Dise±o Web for SMEs is an activity that consists of the planning, design and implementation of websites for successful companies.

Different types exist and forms to create a webpage, nevertheless, are due to take into account certain characteristic for the creation and Dise±o Web.

It requires to consider the navigability, interactivity, usability, architecture of the information and the interaction of average as the audio one, text, image, I connect and video.

One is due to consider that most important of a webpage must be the interaction with the internaut, enters easier to sail is will have a greater impact.

The combination between a good Design Web and good contents, helped to the navigation of the same facilitating the exchange of information between the page and the user.

Dise±o Web is created from groups or prototypes before being taken to the Web thus to be able to receive the approval or feedback of the client.

These prototypes mainly are created through use of tools as HTML, CSS, Java, Illustrator or Photoshop.

We can base Dise±o Web on 3 steps:

The visual design of the information that is desired to publish. In this stage one works distributing the text, the graphs, the bonds to other documents and other objects multimedia that is considered pertinent. It is important that before ˜writing™ the webpage a sketch is realised or soles to facilitate the order on the design.

Structure and hierarchic relation of the pages of the website. For this, and essentially to handle the bonds between documents, the language of marking of hypertext or HTML was created.

The connections that appear underlinings or in bolds in some pages are hypertext examples, since when doing click exceeds they lead to other pages with related information.

The importance of the structure Web is in a good Design Web since the users not always enter by the Home Page and in these cases the page must give a fast access to the information that it is asking for.

Search engine optimization or SEO. This one consists of optimizing the structure of the content to improve the position in which it appears the page in certain search.

This we can yet determine the bases for the creation of a webpage, being one of the most important tools for any company, or a SME or a transnational company, by means of this we will present all our clients the information about our products and services.

A good Design Web will allow the clients to find with greater facility the information than they need, not very often the internaut consults completely the page, it already has in mind which is looking for and facilitating to him the access to this information will cause that it returns to visit it and increases to our traffic Web.

Whichever times we did not find information pages full, without fast access, that finishes making hopeles us when not finding the looked for information and we ended up looking for another website with better navigation.

For these reasons approach you the experts in Design Web and obt©n a tool that is useful for the growth of your SME and helps you to connect to you with all clients.

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