You do not lose our next event

you do not lose our next event

Current trends of the transmission by Internet of events live

The diffusion by Internet is newest, the most shining and best technology available to cause that the world is easier for all.

Webcast is a file of audio or video that is distributed through Internet, can be live or low demand. This technology includes the use of transmission mediums, technology push and a camera Web.

This service to be used as much for official aims as personal. In the organizational entertainment, it is used for the transmission of concerts, bloggers or YuTubers, sport events, diverse press conferences, openings and product announcements online. Events as personal weddings, familiar events and meetings can be enjoyed even if you are far from the place. This guarantees that you will not lose a single action.

On the other hand, the corporative companies and the industries of businesses can take to end their conferences, presentations in line, product launchings and publicity through the services of transmission of events live.

Many companies use the tool of seminaries Web instead of actual seminaries; This throws a professional image on the others. The seminaries Web are live seminaries, in line or to order, that to the flow and the exchange of information allow. This also is combined with more recent events of electronic learning and other technologies.

In addition, they can reduce the cost of a seminary very significantly. In addition to this, it allows to connect people of any part of the world, the unique sessions can accommodate so many people you have live contracted for the connection of streaming.

Webcasting of live events allows to transmit live presentations to other companies or a global hearing. These transmissions can turns anywhere of the world, it does not concern the location of the personnel and the clients. These transmissions Web can be filed and be seen at any time, after the conference even finalizes. In addition, if you are commercializing a product of your company, you can arrive just a short time at a global hearing in with less effort and less money inverted in the process.

The live transmission of events for the product launching can bring many more clients than the traditional methods in less time.

You need to form your system of transmission online?

We can program and form everything what you need with professionals and equipment first class so that your live transmission of events is a great success and experience.

In addition, the sessions are not only in an one-way communications, but the participants can make their consultations through a picture of chat.

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