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Thanks to the digital revolution that we are living today it is possible to make Marketing for your brand on Facebook or product is connected with million people around the world.

A post, influencer, a video¦ everything is possible thanks to the excellent opportunity that offers Marketing on Facebook.

Although it is certain that it is an extraordinary tool to arrive at your objective goal, as all tool must be known detail and discover all the functionalities and I reach available on Facebook to generate a right strategy in Marketing.

The important thing to generate a good strategy of contents is to establish a conversation at the same level of target.

In spite of all the kindness that it has Marketing on Facebook still are companies that question about the effectiveness or utility within all the strategy. Clearly! By all means no that there is to doubt the results and benefits that these can bring to us.

In order to make Marketing on Facebook, everything is the understanding of the brand, of the positioning of the search of those insights that move to the consumer.

Although always we touched the point of the importance that it has to develop to a plan of work and strategist with the purpose of to handle a synergy to take to end the good Marketing on Facebook.

The tools that we used are many. All converges to a more didactic content, more interactive. It is why something that has given very good results us is that one audio-visual content thought especially for Marketing on Facebook. Videos, gifs, capsules, and all those that can transmit information of concise and brief way but with a good sustenance.

However, which are KPI most important in a campaign to consider?

Everything depends on heritage name brand from where it comes and how has been its communication through the same. From there, we can deduce and define a correct Marketing on Facebook, as well as in different social networks.

We precise talked about that perhaps for one brand that begins most important is to generate the community, to have his fans and to the same times that are constructing contained specialized for Marketing on Facebook.

Perhaps for one it marks already positioned perhaps and with an acceptable reputation, it is in fortifying engagement with its digital community and following. Everything depends on the objectives to follow, inclusively if it were a promotion, campaign or some effort of very precise communication.

It is known that KPI is changing according to the Marketing on Facebook that is generated. Also with the results and experiences that are obtained and of there the optimization of the campaign and recycling of processes. Always most valuable it will be the content and the main message with which it remains after to realise Marketing of Content.

In Docking Brand Feeling we know how to develop Marketing on Facebook, we know detail each one of the tools and resources that can put to your brand in stop. Ll¡manos, we have much experience and we know how to do it.

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