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they arrived to remain the Social Networks have helped us to be connected with people around everybody in a matter of seconds and they allow us to approach us our loved ones who live outside our city or country.

As its name says it Social Networks with them have destroyed the majority of the barriers of communication in the world, but mainly they created greater bonds between companies and clients, the treatment every time is but personal and direct.

For that reason the good handling of Social Networks is vital for the companies, in them can be offered from some product or service, exclusive promotions or simply be in touch with the clients taking care of its needs, receiving good commentaries or interacting with them.

The Social Networks that we used more in the companies are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Next we will say the objective to you of each of these. Facebook the greater social network of the world with the greater number of users, not only arrives at young people, but also at adults.

On Facebook we have the facility to create Profiles Public who could be as an extension of our webpage or simply to use it to create Networking, this social network allows us to create you rule for our page or some post and with this to have a greater impact and reaches.

Twitter This network allows us to express to us in only 140 characters, in this network helps us to have a more direct contact with the client, search what it is shelp of the brand, to make studies of market or simply to offer some product or to promote some service to our clients.

LinkedIn Is a professional social network in her can look for or publish uses, optimized the search of new clients and the relations with other companies, creation of contact circles where we will include to professionals and experts in that sector.

Instagram Is the social network where we will be able to share images and videos, but is a good social network to make marketing of your company, since we can make a geolocalizado marketing arriving at the usurious mobiles, create communities of members and ambassadors of the brand and arrive specifically at potential clients.

The Social Networks in your Company:

In the last years the Social Networks have grown of such way, that life form of with the creation of the Community has become a profession or Manager. Which are their functions?

She is the person in charge to manage, to update, and to create content for our Social Networks, generally the brand or company dictates a line to him so that all the posteos are of the same form.

The Community are those that interact directly with the clients for that reason they must have a complete knowledge of the services and products of the companies, because he will be the one that will answer all the questions or complaints in first instance.

In Docking Brand Feeling we can collaborate altogether to the handling of your Social Networks creating with the client plans of goals, thus to optimize your sales and to have a greater reach with your brand.

The Social Networks will be the more important mass media with your clients. We invited to You to that you communicate directly with us so that you know our services and you have the best Social Networks in your area!

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