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Strategy of content in social networks and blogs directed to millenial generation obstinate 100% to the publicity. We leaned in the communication of marketing in real time impelling the organic reach arriving at 5M and increasing in a 5% engagement.

A social means strategy is an essential component of a plan of ampler marketing for any company in the today world. We accept that the social networks are powerful means to connect with potential prospectuses and clients, but because the social networks are relatively new, simply we are not safe of how commercializing our business effectively using the social networks.

If you ask for a commercial loan, the first that would ask to you your banking manager is: You have a plan of businesses?

If you are venturing yourself in the social networks for your business, first that you must ask to you it is: Which is my social means strategy?

To have one or more Strategies of Social Marketing in its place before entering the world of the Social Networks will help you to obtain clarity and direction for your business.

You think that the best athletes of the world begin a race without a strategy? Of no way, any serious person in obtaining results in any field knows that she needs to have one or more effective strategies in her place Before home her company, event, etc.

Although the commercialization principles continue being the same, the form in which those principles within the social space are applied will vary according to the platform that you use to commercialize your company.

The four known social sites more are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Each represents an opportunity so that the companies go to the potential clients of a different way.

For example, you are a B2B company that you wish to commercialize your products or services to other proprietors of businesses? The USA LinkedIn.

Would You like to educate to potential clients and clients of a way brief, fast and easy to understand? , YouTube uses.

Would You like to create a community of enthusiastic fanatics and to commit themselves with them of a personal way? , Facebook uses.

We know that a strategy is simply a method or series of steps that we must follow to obtain a certain result. To create a social strategy requires a detailed analysis of a who it would like to aim and how it is going to go to them of the most effective way.

Some of the initial questions that would like to be made to itself to formulate the strategy of social networks are:

Who is my objective client?
Who REALLY is my objective client?
Which are your motivators of purchase?
Which are the 6 thoughts or main questions that would think before buying my product/service?
Which is the best way to aim at my potential clients?
Which is my result? I want: to receive more new commercial clients, to construct nearer relations with the clients, to receive more references of existing clients, to create a community of enthusiastic people by my product/service/subject, to create my data base¦?
Who more has the same clients who I?
How be seen my will funnel of marketing?
How I can maintain the capacity of attention of my potential client?

And when creating its Campaign of Social Marketing¦

What I can give them that nobody more can?
They will buy very instantaneously or will this campaign simply initiate the purchase process?
How I can present my supply of a way in which they are not customary to give an enormous value to them?
If outside my client, what would motivate to me to take measures to buy?
When they read this (title, advertising text writing), what will think and/or how they will feel in response to this?
If this does not work, what could more work?
Who more often buys of me, O-Man woman? They are unmarried, married or in a relation? What age has?
They will buy to Me once or buy regularly?
Which are the steps to take client to buy?
What principles of commercialization will work more effectively in this campaign? (Shortage, Social Test, Authority, Taste, Reciprocity)
What testimonies will be more effective for my objective market? They will respond better to the testimonies written or in video?

When developing your strategy of social networks, is essential that you respond these questions not of immediate way, but throughout the formulation of your strategy.

If you lose your brand the first time, it continues trying it until you obtain the correct formula. With each campaign, you will approach to decipher the code that is the mind of your client.

If you can put in his head, it is on way to a sale. The majority of your potential clients will have the same questions, consultations, restlessness and deflections. If you can discover in question, you will create an attractive Strategy of Social Networks and will enjoy surprising results that the majority of other only can aspire to reach with your Social Marketing.

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