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Cases of success PLANTRES

Development of identity name brand, packs and corporative stationery store. Development of digital integral campaign with the aim of stimulating the consultation. Strategy that includes SEO/SEM, social networks, e-mail.
We obtain 37% of conversion, 7% of engagement in social networks by content.

Definition of an interactive vision


The corporative investments in initiatives of marketing and oriented sales to Internet in the last 15 years have increased from practically zero in the middle of years 90 to million dollars per year in great companies. At present, the digital activities include from multifunctional websites, marketing search and e-mail, publicity of banners, multimedia qualified for the Web and, by all means, social networks.

This seismic increase of the cost is not without a good reason: digital marketing works: for the acquisition of new clients, the generation of opportunities and the creation name brand. Nevertheless, given to the speed with which the interactive market evolved, it would not have to surprise that many organizations are now with dispersed and unconnected operations of marketing digital that lack a central vision and useful systems of measurement.

As result, the executives of marketing and sales are fighting to design, to measure, to monitor and to optimize the yield of these interactive programs of dispersion, that now have all the attention of all the equipment of corporative leadership. And the subsequent discussions on the digital strategy and the budgetary planning often are too reactive and disorderly, and lack a structured frame and a methodology to guide the process.

The old methods are ineffective

We hear time and time again of frustrated clients: The interactive world moves so fast: constantly we fought to give sense to which we have at the moment while we planned the future. Although the same can be shelp on many functional areas of an organization, the digital strategy is plagued of unique challenges, had mainly to the continuous aggressive investment in the sector.

Nevertheless, the enterprise realities require a regular planning, even in volatile surroundings characterized by a perpetual uncertainty and a constant change. Budgets are due to establish, resources are due to assign and cronograms are due to establish. The digital operations that lack a significant frame for the planning, execution and measurement often present the following symptoms:

Misalignment. The digital strategies of high performance are integrated with marketing, sales and operations; the efficiencies are difficult to realise without a defined vision.

Flight. The techniques of weak measurement and optimization are inevitably in interactive investments of low yield; and, the reactive tactics are expensive and fleeting.

Missed opportunities. The equipment of digital marketing with low yield cannot identify the changes in the conditions of the market in a timely manner and for capitalizing quickly the opportunities to take advantage of the errors the competition.

The blocks of construction of the digital strategy

Although the digital means offer to the administrators a vertiginous variety of new and exciting tools and techniques, it has not changed essentially the form in that the majority of the organizations makes businesses. As so, the digital strategies must be considered within the context of the main objectives of an organization.

  • Corporative strategy/of unit/product
  • Strategy of trade
  • Offline marketing versus marketing in line
  • Publicity/public relations/events
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Digital promotion
  • Integrated programs/investigation/experience of the user/website/traffic in line/analysis

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